Could your company claim back up to £88,000?

This is our average Research & Development claim from HMRC

Open to companies already paying UK Corporation Tax

R&D tax relief scheme

UK government-backed R&D tax incentive

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What is R&D Tax Relief?

Many companies in the UK are now eligible to claim back tax relief for any spending they have made related to research and development, often abbreviated to R&D.

R&D tax credits are a Government scheme designed to incentivise companies to invest in R&D, one that has grown rapidly from its inception in 2000. At present, over 35,000 UK companies are claiming more than £3bn combined in tax relief each year.

To date, we have helped our clients claim back over £6m

How much can you claim back?

We are ideally equipped to help companies in the UK to claim back R&D tax relief.

Whether you have never made an R&D claim before, or have made claims in the past but are looking for a more effective claim, we provide highly-effective expertise. Our average claim over the past three years is £88,000.

Speak to us in detail about making a claim, or begin by getting an estimate using our free R&D tax claim calculator.

R&D Tax Relief Calculator

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We have a wealth of experience preparing successful R&D Tax Relief claims across various business sectors.

Specific industries that our team of experts can offer specialist insight across include, but are not limited to:





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Case Studies

We appreciate that many companies looking into an R&D tax claim will want to assess our expertise.

With this in mind, here are some examples of R&D claim services we have provided to other companies.

Eventura Limited

Total R&D Tax Saving: £10k per year

Engineering Client

Total R&D Tax Saving: £40k per year

Esterchem Limited

Total R&D Tax Saving: £150k over 4 years

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