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In addition to providing guidance to our clients as they apply for R&D tax relief, we also keep a keen eye on developments within our industry.

Here at our blog, we take a look at budget changes and other points of note within our field, as well as answering key questions that may be useful to our clients.

Calculating Tax

R&D repayment claims will not be offset against liabilities under HMRC deferral agreements

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Employees during COVID

What impact has furlough had on R&D staffing costs?

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R&D staff member reading notes

R&D investment is rising
and here to stay

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R&D staff member in library

Can I claim for R&D even if my SME business is making a loss?

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R&D staff member thinking

R&D claims for manufacturing and engineering companies

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R&D staff member writing

R&D tax credits for the construction industry

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Cowgills staff member on laptop

If my R&D claim is successful, how will I receive tax relief?

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Cowgills staff at computers

How do I know if my business is carrying out R&D?

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