Bow Tie Construction

Bow Tie Construction are a specialist company working in sustainable home refurbishment, extension, renovations and loft conversion works.

About the Claim

As a specialist in sustainable home refurbishments, Bow Tie Construction Limited are focused on meeting and exceeding high-quality specifications and advising on more affordable projects, such as delivering everyday energy-saving measures.

The company have invested in the development of innovative solutions to provide the best possible service to architects, property developers and home-owners alike.

What We Did

Bow Tie contacted us to enquire whether their activities would qualify for R&D Tax Relief. After initial discussions, we identified that – because their activities and designs were so unique to those usually seen and implemented during the building and refurbishment of residential properties – there were a number of areas that would be classed as qualifying activities.

When undertaking the qualifying R&D activities, the company had incurred qualifying costs such as:

a) Consumable items used up during the development process and any items scrapped and rendered useless after testing;

b) Staff and subcontractor costs, due to the testing required to ensure the new designs are successful.

We conducted our investigation to look at how we could maximise the qualifying expenditure for Bow Tie and completed a full cost analysis. As a result of our accompanying report, the average benefit against the corporation tax liability for the company totals £12k per annum.


R&D tax relief claims for 2017*:

Total Claimed £3.5bn
Average Claim Value £53,786
*HMRC statistics

What the Client Said…

“We contacted Cowgills after reading an article on their website about R&D Tax Relief in the Construction Sector. We conduct innovative activities across several areas of our business, so we were interested in finding out if any of those qualified.

Cowgills were able to save an average of £12k a year and we were able to claim R&D Tax Relief on the two previous years. If you are unsure whether you qualify, I would highly recommend that you get in touch with them.”

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