R&D Tax Credit Calculator

Working out how much your business can claim back in R&D tax relief depends on the specific amounts you have spent on areas that qualify.

Our R and D tax credit calculator is a first step in estimating your claim. Browse the sample amounts, and if you’re ready to make a claim, get in touch today.

What is the financial position of your company?

What is your estimated annual R&D spend?

We estimate you could receive* anywhere up to
as a tax refund, tax credit or reduced tax liability.
*this can vary depending on the position of the company and exact R&D spend, our team provide an exact figure.

Sample calculations for R&D tax relief claims:

Profit-making SME with £10,000 R&D spend
£10,000 x 130% (enhancement rate) = £13,000
£13,000 x 19% (corporation tax rate) = £2,470

Loss-making SME with £10,000 R&D spend
£10,000 x 230% (enhancement rate) = £23,000
£23,000 x 14.5% (R&D surrender rate) = £3,335

R&D Tax Relief Calculator

Receive an estimate on your possible claim value with our calculator tool

Simply drag your slider across to your annual R&D spend and you’ll be able to see your potential claim value


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